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Homework - whole school project Spring 2017

6th January 2017

Dear children,

Homework Project: whole school

Last term we asked your opinion on homework. You told us you enjoyed homework (well, most of you!) but wanted more project/ research type homework. We listened

This half term, we are setting you a project type homework challenge – with a twist!  We want you to choose your own topic based on the following criteria:

  • Choose an inventor in history to do a biography on


  • Choose an invention that has made a significant difference to human life (such as penicillin or space travel, for example)
  • To decide HOW to present your information - it can be in any style or format you like – be creative!

To help you on your way, you need to consider the following:

  • The homework HAS to be your own – no copying and pasting from books or the internet. You can have support from adults BUT the work must be yours and yours alone!
  • The homework is NOT going to be marked by your teacher! It is going to be Peer Assessed by your classmates…who will choose TWO children from their class to get 5 team points on a special Friday Celebration assembly…
  • The twist… The two children from each class who get 5 team points chosen by their classmates will also have their work displayed in the Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Northfield in March – thousands of people will see YOUR work!

You have 5 weeks to complete your project. You should spend approximately 30 minutes each week (2 ½ hours in total) – anything above that is your choice (be warned: you will still be getting maths homework). You will be asked to bring in your work, so far, during w/c 16th January and 30th January. This will be to check that you have done some work, to see how far you have got and, more importantly, to give your teacher and TA a chance to offer help and advice.

As you know, the library is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 4pm to use as a research centre, with books and computers available. Mr Attwood will also be available after school on Fridays until 4pm to offer extra support and advice should you want it.

You MUST hand in your project by Thursday 9th February – without excuse!  When you hand in your work, please make sure your name and class are on it and give your project a title!

So, choose a subject or person, plan, research and have fun – BE CREATIVE! We can’t wait to read your projects!

And remember – any questions or help needed… JUST ASK! 

Mr Attwood & all the staff