Bellfield Junior School

‘Building the foundations for your child's future - together'

Parent Hub - get involved!

The Bellfield Parent Hub is a community group for Parents and Carers of the school but is run by Parents and Carers of the school. We have our own room in the Community Hub in Price's Square, on the High Street in Northfield, above the shops. Come along and see what we're about! For more information, contact us by email:        or by calling the school who can pass a message on to the Hub (01214642895).

We all know how stressful life is, especially as a parent, and so this is a chance for Parents & Carers to get together, have a brew and a chat, share experiences, woes, ideas and more. 

And... if you need any help, no matter what it is, the group can support or ask the school to find someone who can - all in confidence.

The Parent Hub is now open! 

The Hub is open on Tuesdays from

9am until 11.30am and from 1.30pm until 3pm.

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