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Music lessons (guitar, keyboard & woodwind) are continuing online. If you would like your child to continue with lessons, please contact:  Daniel Scott (Keyboard)-
Ann Marie Hopper (Clarinet) -

(Guitar) Contact Jay on : 07554350561

Creative and descriptive writing | TesWe thought it would be good to have a new challenge for the last half of the Summer Term. It was decided that a ‘Creative Writing’ theme would be an exciting choice. Therefore, we are asking everyone to spend their English lesson time writing a short story, poem, song, TV script, diary, blog, or anything that YOU think will be a creative  piece of writing. You can include pictures or photographs to bring your piece of writing to life. Remember creative writing is writing that expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way. You need to make sure that you show feelings and emotions!  Click here for more details (available outside main doors too)

 Our weekly Learning Packs:  Here are the home learning packs to download. They are also available outside school every day & are updated by Tuesday each week. Go to the website link below and then select which week you require at the bottom right hand side.

Lots of projects/ mini projects, set up by the staff here in school,

to complete at home  - send in your work for us to admire/ mark/ put online to share!

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with the staff! Click below, turn up the volume, and join in!

2x  3x  4x  5x  6x  7x 

8x  9x  10x  11x  12x 

Beat the Teacher | British Game Show Wiki | Fandom

A series of PE/ exercise challenges against Mrs Smith - can you 'Beat the Teacher'! Click on the videos...

Intro    1.Skipping  2. Step-up   

 3. 'Spiderman'   4. Bat & Ball

5. Balance Challenge!   

6. Star Jumps    7. Sit-ups   

8. Squats  9. Sit Twist

10. Arm Press  11. Bouncing Ball

12. Speed Bounce!

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with the staff! Our daily stories can be found here - click on the bold...!

Day 1  Day 2 -Part 1 & Part 2

Day 3  Day 4  Day 5  Day 6

Day7: Pt1  Pt2  Pt3 Pt4  Pt5 Pt6

Day 8         Day 9  Pt1  Pt2

 Day10        Day11  Pt1  Pt2

 Day12  Pt1  Pt2   Day13  Pt1  Pt2

Day14 Pt1 Pt2 Pt3   Day15

Day16 Pt1 Pt2    Day 17

Day 18: Pt1  Pt2 Pt3  Pt4

 TT Rockstars/ Numbots...Image result for tt rockstars

Highest Weekly Earners:
Year 3 - Erin (23399 coins)
Year 4 - Thomas (6180 coins)
Year 5 - Krystal (4180 coins)
Year 6 - Ronaldo (23800 coins)
Mrs Thatcher

Fastest Weekly Speed 26.6.20:
Y3 - Yolanda(0.74 seconds)
Y4 - Charlie(0.62 seconds - wow!)
Y5 - Hussein (0.90 seconds)
Year 6 - Zeynab & Ronaldo(0.76 seconds)
Mrs Winslow (0.74 seconds)



We now subscribe to 'Picture News' - an online newspaper for children, with resources & ideas for work that can be completed.

Resources 15.6.20 - main theme - pocket money!: Pk1  Pk2

KS2 SATs papers to download

and practice (free)Image result for

Oak National Academy

Online lessons for all ages from Reception to Y6 - online video lessons and resources!