Bellfield Junior School

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Children's Work

Work that children have been completing while the school has been partially closed: Battle Creek Has A Smiley Face Loving Vandal

Eli's own storytime of a Dr Seuss book - enjoy the video! - click here

Jack (Y5)'s solar system:

Natalie (Y4's) Viking DT work

Lily (Y4)'s great maths work

Maisie (Y4)'s story - The Fire Alert!


Some lovely 'kindness' work by the children:

Kacey's lovely message:

'Elmers' made by the children in school with Mrs Longley & Mrs Thatcher :-) 

Kushi's (Y5) fantastic poem!

GC (Y5) has made a great volcano (click here) just waiting the eruption video!

Olivia (Y4)'s coronavirus message

Leo (Y4)'s coronavirus letter

Fantastic art/DT work from Chloe, 5NS

Charlie K's great DT work

Jayda (Y4)'s selection of great work!

Alex (Y4)'s great work

Harley (Y4)'s great story writing

Ellie (Y5)'s excellent news report on pollution

Chloe (Y6)'s fab 'What if my dog could talk?' & Lion info poster!

Lance (Y6)'s fantastic chocolate concrete recipe & cooking -everything on his own!

Charlie T(Y4)'s great poem


Click to see Jack's (Y5) great window art!

Click here to read about life as a child for Jayda's (Y4) nan back in the 40s and 50s!

Megan's (Y5) English & maths work:

1  2  3  4   5

Carl's cooking class work

Dylan (Y3) has been writing a story

Freddie (Y3)'s Megladon Project

(Y6) up cycling, secret money box/ phone holder, project!

'Butterflies' by Lily Y5

Tommy Lee (Y3)'s poem work

Gabby's brilliant volcano video

Ronaldo (Y6): Stranded on an island

Lance (Y6): School wordsearch for everyone

& the answers!

Jayda (Y4): What if my dog could talk?

Eli (Y3)'s video of the Coronavirus