Bellfield Junior School

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PE & Sports Competitions

The school has a strong PE focus in school and has seen the active participation in school PE, after school clubs (in & out of school), adult & child led play/ games/ sports activities at lunchtimes and the participation in inter-school competitions greatly increase - from 1 competition 3 years ago to 15 this year - and we've won three (Gymnastics, Tri-Golf & Change4Life!). See photos below of all the things we do! We also have strong links with BCFC (after school club).

If you want to learn boxing/ kick-boxing or use boxing/ kick-boxing for Fitness, Mondays 6.30-7.30pm at Dark Arts, Wednesdays 7-8pm at Fitness For Life, Kings Heath (above Poundland) and Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School.



The children are loving their PE experiences - see what they say!

 Ellie  All the competitions we have gone to were an amazing experience with the teams we have had. We all had an amazing time and Mr. Coleman was the best coach ever whenever we were feeling down or disappointed he always cheered us on and cheered us up. When we went to the tri-golf finals this year it was mind blowing even though we didn’t come 1st we had a phenomenal time we even met a professional basketballer and 3 professional boxers and the major.

We loved all our competitions and we had so much fun doing them like the basketball tournament we lost by 1 basket but we were all so proud of ourselves we came back to school with a HUGE smile on our faces we were full of joy. The tournaments  we have went to were so exciting and I think the year 6 competitors are going to miss the competitions so much we will never forget our time doing the competitions going to different schools to compete against it was so fun. We hope we could do more of them and we hope Mr. Coleman carries on and does more competitions. 

Amie and Heidi  At every lunch time we would train for gymnastics and would practice any skills we were struggling with till we got them. Then came the day of level 2 gymnastics  competition were we came 1st and we were able to reach level 3 competition. On the day of level 3 gymnastics competition we met a famous British male gymnast and took several photos with him. We had an amazing time with him but unfortunately we came 9th.

                      For Tri-golf we went to Shenley academy and young leaders led activities like bullseye, dominoes, drive for show putt the dough, finders keepers, Grand National, tunnel ball and zone ball down the middle, all 8 of these activities were super fun.  Luckily lower school came 2nd and higher school came 1st (Yippee!)

Isaac Year After, lunch we would get our P.E kits on and go down to the hall and practice for try outs to see if we got through. Unfortunately, only 6 people 1 coach got through. We were Amie, Heidi, Nadeen  , Michelle and Issac  Harriot ( coach ) Year 6 . When she left school the 2nd coaches were Angelika  and Adelle from Year 5 .  We got to the first competition and got through. Then, we went to second and came last (I THINK) but I really enjoyed it. 


I have been doing Change for Life Club at Lunchtimes with Mr Jones.  In this club we do activities that warm our bodies up and keep us fit for the rest of the day. When we did the competition we did lots of different fun activities and when we finished lunch we could go and play different games. It was very enjoyable and it wasn’t just for competition it was great fun.


I have done football, handball, Tag Rugby and Cricket competitions. We trained at lunchtimes and I am part of the football after school club. I have played with a lot of good people and I particularly enjoyed being part of a team. I have also been a Play leader and I have enjoyed leading the younger children to play games at lunchtime.