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FAQs during C-19 crisis for Parents

We all have questions about C-19 and how it affects us. Here we try to answer some of those questions about the current situation in school.                                                                                           Updated 25.06.20

Government information: What Parents & Carers need to know about schools during the Covid-19 outbreak - click here

BCC information:  regarding schools during the Covid-19 outbreak

                                     for Parents & Carers of children with SEND - click here

  • Can I talk to someone if I am unsure about sending my child to school? Of course! If your child is eligible to be in school, we would encourage it, but if you'd like to discuss it further, please email our office or phone into school and talk to us – we’re here to help.
  • How can I look after my child's mental health & well-being? The Pastoral Team (Miss Harvey & Ms Benn) are in school and here to support you, whether that's just to listen or to get you the support you need. Please contact the office via email or phone. This support is for children in school or not attending school.
  • Which children are allowed in school? Currently, until September, only Year 3, Year 6 and key Worker's & Vulnerable children are in school. This is due to the 2m social distancing and the fact the maximum amount of children we can have in school is 110.
  • Will my child be taught by their usual teacher? As we have to split classes into at least 2 bubbles, not necessarily. However, y3 are being taught by either their class teacher from Y3 or their class teacher they will have in Y4.
  • Will I be fined if I do not send my child into school? Currently, no. This is likely to change in September if Covid-19 guidelines are no longer in place.
  • What are the times for bringing/ collecting my child? A letter was sent home with details and can be found by clicking here
  • How are lunchtimes being organised? Due to the difficulties of maintaining the 2m distance in the dining room, all children will have packed lunches in their classrooms until the end of the Summer Term. Packed lunches can be provided by yourself or ordered from the school at a cost of £2.40 per day. There are no Free School Meals in school currently as all those eligible are receiving the £15 per week vouchers instead - therefore, ALL school meals must be paid for.
  • How have the children who have returned been feeling? They have settled really quickly, followed the rules sensibly, self-regulating and have been telling us how much they missed the school... and us! It's been a very happy place.
  • Are Breakfast Club & after-school clubs open? Currently, no. We aim to have these re-open in September but will keep you informed as decisions are made.
  • What do I do if my child is ill?As usual, contact the school before 9.15am if your child is expected in school. And, if you feel the symptoms are potentially Covid-19, see the advice below - follow Govt instructions, get tested and keep the school informed.
  • How is the school supporting home learning? During this crisis, we have provided projects, work and links to excellent work sites via the website. We have also been producing weekly work packs, available outside the main doors every Monday - about 100 of these are collected weekly. Further, we have set up specific projects all children are expected to complete and staff have been ringing families offering support at least 2 weekly, weekly much of the time. if you do need anything or any support, please contact us and we will do all we can to help!
  • How do I share my child's learning from home? Please send any work in via the year group emails or it can be handed in at the office.
  • Does the FSM Voucher scheme continue over the summer holidays? Yes - vouchers will continue to be received over the summer holidays through your emails. This scheme will likely end on 1st September and go back to normal pre-Covid-19. Any issues, see
  • As an adult/ Parent/ Carer of a child, can I come into school? The current advice is no. Where possible, please contact school using phones, emails or, if requested, we can use Internet media (such as Zoom) to ‘meet’ with you. However, if you do have to speak with us in person, you can only enter through the main reception doors – where there will be a one-way system. Please follow the arrows and the instructions of staff. There is a hand sanitiser in this area also, that we will ask you to use.
  • How are you ensuring everyone in school is safe? Class sizes are a maximum of 12-14 (a 'bubble' - bubbles are small groups that then do not mix with other groups to protect everyone, such as separate classrooms, playtimes, lunchtimes & times in/out of school), depending on the size of the classroom. 
  • We have a strict one-way system into, out of and around school, with 2m distancing that everyone must follow. 
  • Staggered timetables to come into school, leave school and for break/ lunch times. Ensuring good respiratory hygiene - promote the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach. 
  • Everyone must wash/ hand sanitise their hands on entering school and regularly during the day. 
  • We have cleaners who are regularly going around school cleaning all communal areas, and classrooms at break/ lunch times.
  • PPE is available for staff, especially where 2m is not possible - ie when there is a medical issue. 
  • Where do I bring my child to school/ collect them? Please bring all children/ come to collect your child through the steps entrance from Vineyard Road and you will need to follow the one way system, leaving through the gates onto Bellfield. You will not be able to use the back alleyway entrance/exit at the current time.
  • Can I send my child to school with a face mask, gloves and/or their own hand-sanitiser? Yes - this is your choice for you to provide and send your child to school with if you so wish.
  • Will school be open to Key Worker/ Vulnerable children in the summer holidays? No. There will be 2 summer sports clubs available, Tues-Thursday for each of the 6 weeks, on a first come, first served basis. Please look out for further information from 30.06.20
  • Will there be COVID-19 testing and contact tracing in education and childcare settings?  Testing is already available for all school staff and their household members.

    All those children eligible to attend school, and members of their households, will have access to testing if they display symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).

    To access testing, you should use the 111 online coronavirus service.   This will enable them to get back into childcare or education, and their parents or carers to get back to work, if the test proves to be negative.

  • What happens if someone in school tests positive for Covid-19?  In the event of a child or member of staff testing positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), we will follow the guidance from the Government and DfE appropriately.

  • Where are the letters and information about my child's year group at this time? HERE