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OPEN VISITS - current Yr2 parents/carers: If you are thinking of applying for a place for our Year 3 intake Sept 2018, please come along and find out more about our school: 20/11/17 @ 2.30pm or 27/11/17 @ 9am.  We look forward to meeting you!

Chloe McGuire has arrived in rural India, to start her year long volunteer work to teach English to poor children to hopefully give them better life chances in their futures. Part of her latest post says: 'I’m really bonding with my classes. My students are honestly great. I have a few cheeky students but classes wouldn’t be as fun without them, I embrace the challenge – although sometimes they really do try and push their luck. I’ve introduced some craft items from the U.K into my English classes and students absolutely love them! Pompoms, pipe cleaners and googly eyes… as soon as the students clocked them they started telling me how beautiful I was and were jumping at the chance to help me in anyway they could. Ha, thanks kids, it’s hilarious watching them trying to earn rewards with flattery! They’re so undeniably cute, we really enjoy lessons together and I love watching them get involved. They excel in their English speaking and reading – pronunciation and meanings are something they struggle with though. Today I taught a lesson on loving and respecting everyone around us, especially those in need. I gave out pipe cleaner hearts to all of the students to signify love and caring – they understood this token and were unbelievably happy with the gesture.’

Our children helped raise over £600 to help her achieve this. Chloe is a former pupil and we were so proud to be supporting her in  this worthwhile, and life changing, work. Click on her photo & keep up to date with her blog.

Welcome to our School

I can only begin by saying I think Bellfield Junior School is special. The Staff and Governors strive to provide a stimulating learning environment for the children, working in partnership with our families and the local and global communities. Bellfield is a caring school, that works hard to ensure the children feel safe and valued so that they can achieve their very best and become independent and confident learners. Indeed, we are often complimented by visitors and other professionals about the behaviour of the children and the 'feel' of the school.

We enjoy the support of families, believing that children can only reach their full potential when home and school are working together. 

Do please keep in regular contact with us at school.  We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have and to accept any help and support you might be able to offer in the classroom.









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Family Quiz Night!23Nov2017

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

OPEN VIST for prospective Y3 Parents for Sept 18 intake27Nov2017

9:00 am - 9:45 am @ School

If you are thinking of applying for a place for our Year 3 intake Sept 2018, come along to find out more about our school. We look forward to meeting you

Year 3 - family Heath Workshop28Nov2017

9:00 am - 11:00 am @ School hall

Parents/ family members- join your child in a fun, interactive healthy lifestyle workshop!

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