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Mrs Winslow & Miss Partridge

Mrs Ireland & Mrs O'Connor

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Lots of fun while we are learning!

As part of their CC topic, Y5 visited the River Rea just past the fire station, with our Outdoor Learning Expert, Stew Puttick. They had a great time finding out and undertsanding the importance of the river to our community and how, and why, we should look after it! Stew was complimentary about the year's behaviour and enthusiasm!

As part of their Enabling Enterprise, 5W visited Aston University and took part in an enterprise day. They had a great time, and the staff from the Uni and EE were very complimentary about their behaviour and teamwork!

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Year 5 decided to try and break the World Record for making a paperchain - and found it was harder than they thought!

They did learn loads from it though!

Our Christmas Nativity / Carol Concert

We performed our Nativity/ Carol Concert to the rest of the school and our families on 18.12.17. We think we were brilliant (well, the teachers told us that anyway!)

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Part of the first half term was RE Theme Week. Year 5 were researching and learning about Islam. They visited the Birmingham 'Islamic Experience', where they found out about the true religion of Islam and how closely connected to other religions, such as Christianity and Judaism, it is. The children wrote about their visit:

'It was a 5 star experience!'; 'I found many new things, such as children having rights in Islam.'; ' I thought Islam was bad because what I have seen on the news, but really it is about peace and obedience'; 'I enjoyed all of the experience as I learnt lots of facts I didn't know before' ; 'My favourite section was Islamic Science. Did you know that the first person to invent algebra was Islamic?'; 'I loved it! I would recommend anyone reading this to go there. We learnt a lot about the 5 pillars.'

Curriculum Newsletter for Year 5