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On behalf of everyone associated with our school, welcome and thank you for visiting our school website.

I have just started my 11th year at the school, and I can only begin by saying how very proud I am to lead, and be part of, a team that is so committed to children's well-being, achieving high standards and providing the very best opportunities for all in our care - a school that is special  to many people. 

We are a vibrant, inclusive and family orientated school with a strong community ethos. Bellfield Juniors is a caring school that works hard to ensure the children feel safe and valued ensuring that they can achieve their very best.

Children are supported in becoming confident and independent young people, who thrive on challenge and are motivated to learn.  We believe that education is about the entire child, their well-being and enrichment as well as their academic achievement, developing those important skills needed for life-long learning to be successful citizens in their futures. 

All schools have their own distinctive ‘feel’ which makes each one unique and we feel ours is especially unique. Indeed, we are often complimented by visitors and other professionals about the behaviour, and enthusiasm, of the children and the 'feel' of the school -  things we strive for and are proud of. 

The Staff and Governors work so hard to provide a stimulating learning environment for the children, working in partnership with our families and the local and global communities. It has been an exciting time for the school as the school's reputation in the area has increased.

We expect and enjoy the support of our families, believing that children can only reach their full potential when home and school are working together, and we are very lucky to have such brilliant families to work with. 

Please have a look around our amazing school by viewing the different sections on our website, or, if you are a prospective parent, please call / email the office and leave your details to arrange a visit - we are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have and to accept any help and support you might be able to offer in the classroom/ school.

All the very best,

Mr Nigel Attwood

Head Teacher

Quote from page 2 Ofsted Report 29/30 June 2022:

Pupils at Bellfield Junior school are happy, confident and enjoy learning. They try
their best and they are proud of what they achieve. Interesting displays around the
school celebrate pupils’ work in many subjects.
Pupils feel safe at school because adults care about their well-being. Pupils say that
there is always someone to talk to. They praise the staff in the pastoral team, who
they trust to help them with any problems or worries they might have.
Staff are determined that pupils will achieve as well as they can. They want pupils to
gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed academically and socially.
Pupils are proud of their responsibilities. These include being a school council
member, a ‘change-maker’ and serving at the ‘community lunch’ for elderly
residents. A high number of pupils attend one of the many clubs that are available.
Pupils are polite and welcoming to visitors. They understand the rules well and what
happens if these are not followed. Pupils usually behave well, both in lessons and at
less formal times.