Bellfield Junior School

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The children will be taught strategies and spelling rules on a whole class basis. Children will learn spellings linked to these taught rules and also a selection of words from the Statutory Word List, which is broken down into Year3/4 ability and Year 5/6 ability. In addition to this, children will be choosing two personal ‘tricky’ words to learn. These are words that they have found challenging in their own work.

Children will have the opportunity to practise their spellings both through written and verbal work.

They will have a Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check sheet to take home and use.

Children with SEND will receive extra support with their spellings, working on a 1:1 or small group basis with a TA or using ‘Wordshark’.

Testing will be on a weekly or fortnightly basis, based on the year group.

Please click on the following links for the list of words relevant to your child.

Statutory word list for Years 3 and 4

Statutory word list for Years 5 and 6