Bellfield Junior School

‘Building the foundations for your child's future - together'

Our aims & ethos                                  BFJLOGO

Our mission statement is shown on the banner above. Simply, we believe that the partnership between school and families is the most important one for our children to succeed. To succeed, we aim to create a stimulating learning environment for the children, creating a caring school where the children are safe, feel valued and can achieve their best.

To achieve this staff, parents and governors have agreed the following aims: -

Our Ethos.

  • To value children as individuals; celebrating their achievements and supporting their individual needs within a framework of equal opportunities. 
  • To encourage self-discipline, the acceptance of personal responsibility for their own behaviour and to be caring and sensitive to the needs of others and the environment. 
  • To provide opportunities for social, moral, spiritual and cultural development so that the children become responsible citizens, valuing and respecting their own and other cultures.

Our Curriculum.

  • To deliver the education programme as defined in the National Curriculum in an exciting and relevant way that motivates the children to learn and raises expectations of achievement. 
  • To ensure the acquisition of techniques and skills so that children become literate and numerate. 
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that creates learning opportunities, which provide for the all-round growth of the individual child. 

Our Staff.

  • To use the expertise of individual staff to encourage teamwork and promote quality teaching and learning. 
  • To value all of our staff and to provide opportunities for their professional development. 

Our Community.

  • To establish a welcoming climate within which teachers, governors, parents and children can work together to enhance the children’s learning.


  • To match financial and all other resources as efficiently and effectively as possible to curriculum and whole school objectives.


To carefully consider the use of space so as to provide an attractive, safe and stimulating learning environment.