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We cover bullying in our PSHEE lessons and in assemblies throughout the year, as well as Anti-bullying week (Nov).


BULLYING  is behaviour by an individual or group, usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group, either physically or emotionally.

In other words, bullying at Bellfield Junior School is considered to be, “unacceptable behaviour which occurs ‘lots of times, on purpose’;"  this can be short term or continuous over long periods of time.

How to deal with bullying: remember.. . ASK - WARNTELL

ASK the person or persons to STOP. 

WARN them you will TELL an adult.

TELL an adult what is going on.

Remember that it is NOT your fault and that it needs to STOP - so tell someone if it is happening to you or someone you know.


Mr Attwood did an assembly on racism - what it is and how do we stop it. 

See the assembly below or download the powerpoint HERE