Bellfield Junior School

‘Building the foundations for your child's future - together'

English & Reading at Bellfield School

The children have a daily English lesson and dedicated reading session when they are taught the skills of Reading and Writing.

We ask parents to hear their child read at home and this support is vital. The children can choose a book from a specified range and having read their Home / School reader the children are asked to take a quiz in school before they start a new book (Accelerated Reader). The efforts of children who read on a regular basis are recognised with certificates and prizes.

How you can help

Your child will be given a reading book to read which we think is suitable for their level of ability.  If this is incorrect to begin with then we will change it as soon as possible.

Please hear your child read for about 10-15 minutes each evening or at least 3 evenings a week.  Try to choose somewhere quiet away from the television.  Some children like to read in bed before they go to sleep.  Praise your child and encourage them.  Some children may like you to read the book to them first to make them feel more confident.  When the child finishes the book, then they can change it.  We will show them where they can do that.

Each child will also be given a reading record book.  Please write the title of the book in here and the date the child reads it.  There is a space for your comment, but the teacher will not read these reading record books regularly, so tell your child to show the teacher if necessary. 

We ask parents to purchase a Reading Bag for their children to keep the books clean and dry.  It is not to carry everything else to school in!

After a week or two, the children will also be able to choose a school library book to bring home.  This will be a book of their own choice.  Sometimes it may be too hard for them to read but they may enjoy looking at the pictures.  Perhaps you could read some of it to them.  Please write the title of this book in the reading record too as we then have a full picture of the child’s home reading.

Thank you for your co-operation, Enjoy reading with your child and do come to see us if you have any questions or problems.