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A huge shout out to these children for reaching amazing READING milestones this academic year. You are great role models to us all!
Yuxi has reached 3 million words!
Joseph in 3C: 2,972,767 words
Islah in 40S is nearly at 2 million- 1,859,553 words
Isla in 6W is also nearly there- 1,834,392 words


Welcome to Bellfield Juniors School's English site. Please scroll down to find our Reading and Writing Curriculum Statements and learn more about how English is taught and enjoyed across Key Stage 2. 

Teaching and Learning

All of our  children have an English, Close Reading and dedicated independent reading lesson every day. English is taught in mixed ability groups but extra support and small group work is also provided for those who need it. Recent Government Funding has allowed for extra English lessons for some Less Able/Disadvantaged children, this is provided weekly online via 'Action Tutoring'. 

Reading- Children complete a STAR reader test each term, which assesses their reading comprehension , they then choose an Accelerated Reading reading book  which is suitable for their level of ability. The efforts of children who read on a regular basis are recognised with certificates and prizes. In addition to this, children also have access to online reading texts  via a platform- myON. Your child will be shown how to use this is school but please email your class teacher with any queries.  


Reading -Parental Support

We ask parents to hear their child read at home and this support is vital. Older children can read independently but they may wish to discuss the chapter they have read with you or ask for help with unknown words or explanation of the text. 

How you can help

Please hear your child read for about 10-15 minutes each evening or at least 3 evenings a week.  Try to choose somewhere quiet away from the television.  Some children like to read in bed before they go to sleep.  Praise your child and encourage them.  Some children may like you to read the book to them first to make them feel more confident.  When the child finishes the book, then they can change it.  We will show them where they can do that.

Each child will also be given a Home Learning Diary.  Please write the title of the book in here and the date the child reads it, there is also a space for your comment. Each week a member of staff will collect the Diary in to read any comments from home, write comments back and give Learning Points for good effort. This Diary is vital for Home/School communication of home reading.

We ask parents to purchase a Reading Bag for their children to keep the books clean and dry.  It is not to carry everything else to school in!

Every week or two, the children will also be able to choose a school library book to bring home.  This will be a book of their own choice.  Perhaps you could read some of it to them? Please write the title of this book in the Home Learning Diary  too as we then have a full picture of the child’s home reading.

Thank you for your co-operation, enjoy reading with your child and do come to see us if you have any questions or problems.

Enjoying English across the school!

Here are some examples of the work the children have done and activities we have engaged with:

Spring Term 2021- Children , both at home and in school, have enjoyed hearing poetry and stories from a range of authors and poets from Bournville Book Fest. The children have written an adventure story, favourite food poems, drawn illustrations to support a piece of text and had lots of laughs!

"I loved listening to Benjamin Zephaniah's poetry as I have family from Jamaica." Kai 6L

The Reading Shed 

We are very lucky to have  a 'Reading Shed' for the children to enjoy as an extra mindfulness space to go and read quietly in. 

Reading Champions

We celebrate children who have made excellent effort with their home reading -their name  is added to a trophy, for example a 'Gold Reader' is a child who has read 75 times per term.

Millionaires' Club

This is a celebration board for all children who have read ONE MILLION words or more in their home reading. They are great role models for the school!



Sharing stories

As a school, we recognise the value of celebrating diversity and sharing stories  from different cultures. We have a range of books to share across the school, which are used for Close Reading, shared story time or for general reading.

Autumn Term 2020 - Y3 Poetry

It's raining...children used this hook to start their writing and came up with some fantastic 'nonsense' weather poems...snails and pups, cakes and bees, cows and parrots to name a few!

Autumn Term - Y5 Kensuke's Kingdom 

The children wrote balanced arguments about whether Michael and his family should go sailing around the world or not.