Bellfield Junior School

‘Building the foundations for your child's future - together'

What's Going On! (Curriculum Matrix is lower down the page)


PE is on a


Mrs Sorby & Miss Craddock 

TAs: Miss Breakwell & Miss Gowran

 Families can contact Year 3 staff direct via email: Professional Email Signature Examples You Should Use | Grammarly


AUTUMN TERM 2021 - our new school and so busy!



Look at what we've been up to this term!

SPRING TERM - after 8 March full re-opening

Finally - the school is full and we can return to learning, together, and having fun, together!


It's the AUTUMN term - and we're back!

We have been learning about timelines & being an archaeologist, produced some great Kandinsky inspired artwork & found out about 'kindness', exploring materials in science, practising shape & balance in gymnastics, Mystery Theme Day (World Kindness Day), testing the strength of magnets, 

There's a SPRING in our step -

what we have been up to this term!

Including...going to St Lawrence Church to find out about Christianity; Outdoor Learning with Stew, all about rocks & soils; we have worked so hard in class - and our families came in to read with us! 

Into the end of year -

and it's sooo exciting!


With a SPRING in our step when we learn...for our Y3 Curriculum here

 ...including our brilliant Easter production - 'The tale of Three Trees'


Look at everything we've been up to!

(Nov) Healthy Families Workshop:

over 30 parents joined their children to discuss being 'healthy families' and have some fun together!

Year 3 - Autumn Curriculum Matrix

Year 3 have had a brilliant year - this term is no different!

See what we've been up to!