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What's Going On! (The Curriculum Matrix is lower down the page)


PE is on: 

Handler & Alston, Tuesdays

& Morpurgo, Wednesdays  

Please send children in to school in their correct, school expected PE kit.


Miss Kinton, Mr Simons & Mr Jones/ Mrs Nayar

TAs: Miss Bogle, Miss Davenport

Families can contact Year 5 staff direct via email: Professional Email Signature Examples You Should Use | Grammarly

Our Curriculum Matrix - showing what the children are learning, can be found HERE

Link to the Y6 residential, Boundless Outdoors & to our powerpoint on the visit (click here)

that the children can take part in in Y6, 7-9 Sept 2022 


Autumn Term 2021our third year has begun!

SUMMER is finally here!

Find out what we've been up to this term!

SPRING TERM - after 8 March full re-opening

Finally - the school is full and we can return to learning, together, and having fun, together!


It's the AUTUMN term - and we're back!

Including... science - what causes day & night? Art - with charcoal. Finding out about food with Chef Idris. Mystery Theme Day - World Kindness Day was great! Also, we 

There's a S P R I N G in our step this term!

What we have been up to in and around school...

The whole of Year 5 were brilliant in their Christmas Carol Nativity Concert - the children were autonomous throughout, with the children prompting, doing all the technical work and everyone knowing what to do and say at the right time. (more photos to follow)

And their confidence in speaking was excellent. Well done Year 5!

Videos to watch:  Vid1  Vid2  Vid3  Vid4  Vid5  Vid6   Vid7   Vid8

AUTUMN has arrived!

...and all the fun that brings!

Click here to download the Curriculum Newsletter for the Autumn Term 2019

Class reader Kensuke’s Kingdom: After reading chapter 4, children created a television interview of Michael’s parents after his disappearance from the Peggy Sue the 3 characters were interviewer, mum and dad.

October 17th: Year 5 had a morning where their taste buds were teased with different taste sensations. Chef Idris Caldora spent a morning educating Year 5 about the wonderful world of foods and how it important it is to us. The pupils tasted samphire, honey, bread and different types of jelly. We used all our senses to fully appreciate the food. We had some red jelly, which we thought was raspberry or strawberry but turned out to! The next jelly was green and of course we thought it would be apple, but it turned out to be ginger!!


Summer is here - and

exciting it has been too!

With a SPRING in our step when

we learn...for the Year 5 curriculum newsletter, click here.

Christmas Carol Concert

Year5 rehearsed hard and did a brilliant Carol Concert! Well done everyone!

Click on a video to watch..   Vid1  Vid2 

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