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French 'Afternoon Tea' June 2001

Two children from each class were invited to celebrate and share their learning of French this year during an informal afternoon. We were joined by one of our French speaking parents and Mrs Westwood.

First up, we learned how to sing/play 'Heads, shoulder, knees and toes' in French- it was a bit tricky but we managed to speed up.

Next, we practised our counting, we got up to 20, some of Year 5 helped Year 3 to learn the numbers 11-20. A really good way of doing this is to learn through actions. Thank you Tom and Leo for teaching them this!

After the warm-ups, the big event began... We all sat down to enjoy a light afternoon tea, with some real French sweets and madeline cakes. We managed a few words in French too. Merci. 

Last of all, we explored some of our new resources. We were interested to find out how many words in the French language are spelled in the same way as in English, or look very similar. We found a few!

Here at Bellfield Juniors, we currently use the LCP scheme of work. As this is a relatively new subject, we are all starting with the Year 3 objectives to increase confidence and progression as our children move through the school.