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Art & DT

Year 5 and 6 worked with sculptor Joanne Masding to learn more about clay techniques and create a final piece based upon Colombian Singing Bowls.  They had a fantastic time - take a look at their finished results!

Year 4 have been leaning about the artist Kimmy Cantrell - look at their abstract face relief sculptures.  Aren't they brilliant!

Year 5 have been working with Chef Idris from the Royal Culinary School of Arts for their Food and Nutrition Unit of DT.

Have a look at our fantastic Art  and DT work in school.  Be inspired!

Have a look at the Northfield Arts Forum page and find out more.  Lots of art activities and things to get involved in....


Art Curriculum Statement

DT Curriculum Statement

Art and DT Coverage from Year 3 - 6.

The Art and DT Curriculum Overview of Skills and Knowledge

year-3-art.docx .docx
year-3-dt.docx .docx
year-4-art.docx .docx
year-4-dt.docx .docx
year-5-art.docx .docx
year-5-dt.docx .docx
year-6-art.docx .docx
year-6-dt.docx .docx

The Art & DT Curriculum Matrix which shows detailed coverage across each year group and the units taught.

'Adopt a School' - The Royal School of Culinary Arts

For the past two years we are lucky to have been involved with the 'Adopt a School' project run by The Royal School of Culinary Arts.  Once a term, they have been coming into school and supporting Year 5 with their Food and Nutrition learning. Further details can be found below.