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Our vision for science focusses on the children themselves being scientists. Staff provide children the opportunities to find out for themselves using the five different types of enquiry. 


We use research when we cannot find out the answer to a question using an experiment in school. 

Here is Year 4 researching about our teeth. 

Pattern Seeking

 Pattern seeking allows us to answer ‘big questions’ by identifying patterns in the measurements and observations.

Here is Year 5 pattern spotting, asking their own questions about what affects the time a planet takes to orbit the Earth. 

Observing over time

This type of experiment gives children the opportunity to observe changes over minutes, days or months.

Here is Year 5 carrying out an observation over time relating to the separation of salt and water. 

Comparative and fair testing.

 When carrying out this type of experiments, children ensure they only change one variable and keep the rest the same to ensure a test is fair. 

Here are Year 6 planning their own fair test.


Classifying is all about grouping, identifying and sorting.

Here are Year 3 classifying types of forces. 

Useful links

Have a look at BBC bitesize for some games and activities.

Use this website to find experiments to try at home

This website has lots of experiments based upon weather to try.

Have a look at NASA's kids' club and Space Place to explore more about Earth and Space. You might find some games too.

Join the design squad to play games all about looking after our Earth.