Bellfield Junior School

‘Building the foundations for your child's future - together'


Our Staff

Mr Attwood               Headteacher

Mrs du Toit                Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Reeves                School Business Manager

Mrs Westwood         Senior Office Manager

Mrs Martin                Administration Assistant

Mrs Cresswell            Receptionist

Miss Harvey               Pastoral Manager                        Ms Benn               Learning Mentor

Mr Rudge                   Site Manager                                 Mr Cox                   Building Site Assistant

 From September 2021, there will be approximately 300 children on roll from 7 to 11 years of age. There are 10 classes in single age year groups as follows:

Y3: 2 classes of up to 30;  Y4: 2 classes of up to 30;  Y5: 3 classes of up to 30;  Y6: 3 classes of up to 30. Class names are after famous authors being celebrated in school.


Class name                                                      Teachers

Teaching Assistants

Blackman, Y3

Mrs Sorby

Teaching assistants work across

classes and year groups

Miss Haynes (HLTA)

Mr M. Jones (unqualified teacher)

Miss Breakwell

Miss Davenport

Miss Gowran

Mrs Ireland

Mrs Pugh

Ms Bogle

Mrs Hussein


Mian, Y3

Mrs Badger

Lawrence, Y4

Miss Clay (M-Th) &

Mrs Thatcher  (W-F)

Naidoo, Y4

Mrs Smith

Handler, Y5

Mr Simons

Alston, Y5

Miss Kinton

Morpurgo, Y5

Mr D. Jones (MTuW) & Mrs Nayar (WThF)

Farook, Y6

Mrs Doherty

Zephaniah, Y6

Mrs Winslow

Carroll, Y6

Mrs Longley

Teaching/ Maths support

Mrs Harries


Mrs Topping

 Lunchtime supervisors:

Mrs Pearshouse (Senior Supervisor);  Mrs Hall, Mr Walker, Mrs Reid, Mrs Collins, Mr Cutts, Mrs Dayus-Finnegan, Miss Haste, Ms O’Halloran, Miss Dempsey, Miss Evans(+ TA support each lunchtime)