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School Closures

In the case of closing the school due to severe weather/ other H&S issue:

If a decision, either by the school or the council, to close the school due to severe weather or an issue in school that would make it difficult to have the children in school, we will make a decision before 7am (where possible). We will then update the school website and send a message via the app/ X (Twitter) and inform BCC.

We will also contact local radio stations (Heart, Free, BBC West Midlands) to inform them and they will make announcements during their breakfast shows.


In the case of closing the school DURING the school day:

In the unlikely event of the school being closed during the school day, we will send a message via the app/ X (Twitter)/ email to families as well as trying to contact the parents/ carers/ families direct by telephone.

Please ensure your telephone and email contact details are up to date in school at all times!