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Projects at home

There are 2 sections here:  writing projects and mini-projects (further down the page). We hope you enjoy tackling these projects! You can send in your projects to the year group email addresses: ; ; ; -

that way the staff can see what great work you have been doing and can respond. You can send in any MS documents or scan/ take photos of your work and attach them to the email. We look forward to seeing your work!

Supporting work for children to help with Black History to help understand the current situation in USA

ALL CHILDREN: News reporting. Build a TV station out of a large box and decorate it. Then pick a story from the news, write a news report and become a TV news presenter and tell about it on “Channel 2 Evening Breaking News": then ask someone to record it and send it to the the staff via year group email - we'd love to see them/ share them!

Luke Temple (Author of Felix Dashwood and the Mutating Mansion)Our friend,  author Luke Temple, has made his most popular book, 'Mutating Mansion' available for you to download and read for free CLICK HERE and there is a writing toolbox and competition too: CLICK HERE

A fantastic new website  looks amazing - have a go!

SCIENCE projects for the remainder of term (from 22.6.20) can be found here: BananaDissolving; Fireworks in a glass; Fun with density; Gummy Bearscience task & Volcano

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

1. Research haiku poems (click here) and try to write your own - maybe one for each season?

2. Write a story that starts: It had been a beautiful day - we had had so much fun. But, then something strange happened...

3. Create a short story/ comic book - but as a foldable book! Click here for an example

4Make a word search with vocabulary from the book. Give it to a friend to complete or send it to us via email!


1. Write a letter to an elderly neighbour, asking how they are and helping to cheer them up!

2. Pick a character from a book and write an alternative story for them. 
3. Pick a character from a book and write a diary entry for that character. 
4. Write an alternative ending from a book you really enjoy!
5. Research an animal and write a report on them
6. Write a story for the title 'What if my dog could talk?'

1. Find out about a member of your family's life - and then write a biography (a really good chance to use video conference, like Facetime, to 'interview' a family member not in your house!)

 2. Read a book you haven't read before and then write a review click here for hints about the best way to write a review



 1. Write about a time you stood up for something you believed in. What did you do, why and what was the outcome. Did you learn anything from the experience?

2. Read a book you haven't read before and then write a review click here for hints about the best way to write a review

3. Imagine being stranded on an island for 1 year - what would be the 5 things you had to have with you? Write a 'persuasive' piece convincing others that your choices are sensible and why they would be important!

Mini projects you can complete at home when you're not in school! 

Keep looking down the page...

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

1. Create a fingerprint about what is unique about you! Click here to see what we mean

2. Invent a new Olympic sport that would be fun to watch and play.

3. If you could have any fictional character as your best friend, who would you choose and why? What would you do together?
4. If you had one superpower, what would it be? Explain why you have chosen it, what you would do with it and how it would change your life. 
5. Imagine a future where we each have a personalised robot servant. What would yours be like? Can you draw it? What would it do? What would it look like? What would it talk like? What features would it have?
6. A new type of car has been invented called The Spider Car. Write all about the things it can do! 

1. Research a famous river in the world - where is it? Why is it an important river? Which countries does it go through?  Wildlife/Plant life in it?
2. Find out about an area of Egyptian life  - leaders, home, food, clothes, transport, pyramids
3. Choose something healthy to cook and make - send in some photos or video.
4. Can you design and make a light - think about the purpose, who is it for?  How can you make it interesting or unusual?
5. Follow up art work from earlier in the year  -  eg: draw a picture using cross hatching, choose another one of Kimmy Cantrell's masks - re-create it.
Paint a picture using colour mixing techniques - use primary, secondary, tertiary colours. Design and make a bag or something else using fabric and sewing it together.
6. Look into North America again and pick an area to find out about - mountains, rivers, important buildings, focus on the Geography aspects.
7. Look back at the Vikings and Anglo Saxons - look at art work, writing, leaders, home life.  Find out, research and produce something a bit different - maybe a song or poem?

1. Find out about Birmingham - its history and its culture. What facts can you find out that amaze you? Create a presentation.

2. Explore our planet and beyond in an exciting Science project on 'Space and our Solar system!' 

Make a poster, a collage, an information booklet or even create your own Science experiment. Get creative and use your imagination

 3. Research Ancient Greek Art - do a short write up and produce your own, Greek-inspired, artwork

 4. The Olympics may have been postponed this year until next - but what is the history of the Olympics? How did it all begin until we have the competition we now know?

5. Back to the Greeks - find out about their alphabet and language - where did it come from? Can you write a sentence in Greek?

6. Research a famous SCIENTIST: write a biography

7. We started to explore EARTHQUAKES earlier this year - find out as much as you can and create a large information poster!

8. We were about to read a book and learn about refugees - find out about modern day refugees.

9. Create an information booklet about the Maya civilization.

10. Vincent VAN GOGH - we started studying his paintings - research his art and the reasons for each piece - then replicate your own version of your favourite Van Gogh paining.













1. Harry Potter - Reading Vocabulary Challenge for Upper KS2: click here

2. Upper KS2 Geography Research Project on Climate Change: click here

3. Science: Design your own classification key: this could be based on
members of your family, plants or animals. Remember to only use ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions
- Inheritance Detectives: Create your own family tree – what type of things have your family members inherited? What are the learnt characteristics of your family members? Present your findings.
4. DT:  An architectural masterpiece: design a new building/structure to
inspire the residents of your local town or city. Research, plan, design and then make a model of it using materials from around the home.
Create a criteria for success and then evaluate your model against this.
5. Upcycling: choose an item within the house that you do not really
use anymore (this could be an item of clothing, accessory or household item). Upcycle it to make a new item that you will use.
Evaluate the product and identify any areas you could improve if you
were to make it again.
6. Cooking: Look at the food that you have in your house. See if you
can design and make a meal to feed your family members from the
ingredients already at home. Will it include the main food groups?
Create an ingredients list and set of instructions for your meal.
7. Geography: Endangered Species: Choose an animal from The Antarctic/The
Arctic and describe how it has evolved to suit its habitat.