Bellfield Junior School

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School Expectations

Bellfield Junior School Expectations

At our school we…

  • always show respect. This includes respect of each other, for authority, for all adults in school, our family and property. This will include calling everyone by their preferred name only & following instructions the first time.
  • always try our best and value our learning. We complete homework.
  • are silent when lining up and walk around school calmly, on the left ,with hands behind our backs.
  • use good manners; for example, allowing others to pass, saying please & thank you and replying to adults with eye contact.
  • keep our hands, feet and other objects to ourselves, respecting personal space.

Expectations in the dining hall:

At our school we…

  • queue calmly
  • stay in our seats
  • face the table
  • keep food on the plate
  • swallow our food before leaving

Remembering we…

  • show respect
  • talk quietly
  • use good manners