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It is important children are in the correct school uniform.

It is the wish of the Governing Body (ratified Jan 2021) that children should be dressed in school uniform and wear appropriate shoes. It is important to ensure all clothes are clearly marked with your child’s name.

  • Trousers, skirts or pinafore dresses in grey or black (no leggings/ jeans).
  • Shirts or polo shirts in white or light blue or yellow.
  • A navy school sweatshirt or cardigan, preferably with the school logo.
  • Socks or tights in plain grey, navy or black No coloured socks.
  • School shoes (not boots) in black. All black trainers that do not have any colour/ colour logos are also acceptable.

Summer variations are –

  • Short sleeve shirts in white                                             These should be in the school colours, as above.
  • Polo shirts, as above
  • School type shorts in grey or black            
  • Check dresses
  • The wearing of headscarves for religious reasons is optional. They should be plain in colour (white or blue), should have no pins or fastenings and should have no words or other decoration.

Please note -    

  • For safety reasons, we ask parents/carers not to send their children to school with jewellery (watches (not smart-watches) are allowed). If ears are pierced, please ensure that only SMALL STUDS are worn. We assume you have given permission for children to wear stud earrings for PE and that you take responsibility unless you tell us otherwise. Also, for safety reasons, hair longer than shoulder length should be tied up.
  • It is important that sensible shoes, suitable for school, are worn. Do not send the children to school in fashion pumps, canvas shoes, shoes with heels, boots, footwear with coloured laces or patterned / coloured socks.
  • We do not allow children to wear nail varnish, nail extensions, have coloured hair or inappropriate hair designs (patterned hair on boys is not allowed)– hair styles are expected to be sensible and modest. Please check with the school if you are unsure what would be acceptable.

P.E. KIT:   For health and safety reasons it is important that your child needs to wear the appropriate clothes for PE and swimming.  PE and swimming are important parts of the curriculum and we expect children to be in the correct PE Kit uniform. PE Kit can be worn to school on the days your child has PE/ after-school sports club. PE kits should be in the school colours as follows:

  • Black pumps/a pair of plain black trainers for PE – please ensure these are correctly fitting
  • Black or navy blue shorts (not beach wear) : plain tracksuits in dark colours, such as grey/ navy/ black, are acceptable for outside PE (no leggings/ team kits/ crop tops etc)
  • Plain white or yellow or navy T-shirt

The school now has a set of expected items available from the school office, or Kids Essentials. We supply PE T-shirts, shorts & tracksuit individually, or as a set for £37, with free PE bag (saving £5).

Please be aware that if your child is not wearing the correct or appropriate clothing, you may be called into school to bring the correct items for them to change into.


Items with the school logo can be purchased from -

 Kids Essentials

762 Bristol Road South



 B31 2NN

                      We have a selection of second-hand uniform available in school or you can go to:


    RSS Logo.jpg Rubery Schools Community Swap Shop: