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School Closure, Re-opening & Covid-19 INFORMATION

This page is dedicated to give you all the information you need about Covid-19, the school's partial closure, plans for phased re-opening (including any letters sent to families), Free School Meal vouchers and links to Covid-19 support.

See our staff message - go to the bottom of the page!

If you need any  advice of any kind (except medical), or want to share your children's learning, please email or call us - we will do our best to answer your queries or signpost you. Emails can be sent to: or or or (please include your child's name)- we will reply Mon-Fri as quickly as we can.

Advice re travelling by BUS  or  by TRAIN have been organised by Travel WM as well as updated advice from TfWM around school travel & travel tickets for young people will all shortly be available at:

CORONAVIRUS – a reminder of the advice

If someone in your household shows any signs of the virus (high temperature and/ or dry, persistent cough and/or aching/ loss of appetite), then that person must self-isolate for 7 days and the other members of the household must self-isolate for 14 days. None of your household should leave the house for any reason during this time.         Note: Self-isolation for a remaining cough after 7 days is not necessary as the cough can linger for a few days, even weeks, after having the virus.    Do NOT call 111 unless there are serious concerns - ie the person ill has underlying health issues or the symptoms get worse. You can get advice online from 111:  Trace & test information HERE

Most people will have mild symptons and will recover normally.

Coronavirus tests available to anyone in UK with symptoms as ...

If your child is due in school and your house is self-isolating, you must ring school to inform us of him/her not attending and the reasons why – as we would normally do for any absence.      In the meantime: Please ensure you have instructed your children how to wash their hands correctly as we have been doing in school - the school does still have a high supply of soap & hand sanitiser. 

 Latest advice from the Government for Parents/ Carers can be found here


We celebrate the NHS - and our posters are now on display at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital for all the staff there to see! 

FREE SCHOOL MEALS vouchers are sent from the Government to your email - these are from 'Edenred': vouchers for the weeks up to wc 24 August have now all been sent to those eligible- please make sure you check your focused, ' other' and Junk/ Spam inboxes. 

The link to their website is HEREPlease follow the instructions on the email for redeeming these - HOWEVER, follow this advice too:

Step1 : click on link - you may have to wait up to one hour - do not refresh the page otherwise you will lose your place in the queue.
Step 2:  put in your voucher code etc. If an  error message comes up - it may not be a problem with your code, they post that when there are too many people in the system.
Step 3wait, it can take a long time to load and submit.
Step 4: it can still take up to 24 hrs to appear in your inbox.

We're missing our pupils! Watch our message to you all!